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Cloud Meadow –


  • Finalized act 1 part 1


  • You can now click on the parent’s icon in the Incubator to pull up their stats.
  • New BG and god rays for Katarina Station
  • Added new icons for the pallete swaps buttons
  • Added some extra names to the random name generator.
  • Combat improvements, including a change in unit layout
  • Added a randomize name button to the name selection when a monster is born
  • Added Evan X Goldra
  • Added Eve X Goldra Loop


  • Updated Credits
  • The first farm upgrade now requires a Crystal
  • Changed the color of the sprint energy
  • Updated the level scroll animation
  • Updated sprites of summer crops
  • Updated the inventory window to have some more clarity
  • Randomized the timings of the idle animations to make them look more natural.


  • Properly pixel snapped all the objects
  • Fixed Seeds bundles not opening
  • Fixed not being able to mlik monsters
  • Fixed various combat related bugs
  • Fixed combat animation & timing issues resolved for monsters and enemies
  • Fixed some UI elements being too close together.
  • Potentially fixed monsters being born with more than 8 common traits.
  • Potentially fixed monster traits not going to a higher grade.
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