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Cloud Meadow –

Saves questionably compatible.*


  • Added & Updated egg sprites & inventory icons.
  • Added an egg sprite to let you know when it is ready to hatch.
  • Added eating food on gives the player energy (5 per ingredient used x quality)
  • Added when the Player/NPCs consume food they gain a temporary buff.
  • Added the ability to view the Most Wanted board in the union barracks.
  • Added autumn & winter food/recipes.
  • Added Fio, Kiram, and Garst to combat
  • Added names to monster’s when you hover your mouse over them.
  • Added an animation to the Weather Balloon
  • Added functionality to the Neo-Incubator (Hatches Dragons & Chimeras)
  • Added a combat darken fx to combat.
  • Added Evan/Eve X Female Centaur. Note: These animations are work in progress.

UI Updates

  • New Incubator UI
  • New training bell UI
  • New inventory UI
  • New Dungeon Party Selection UI
  • New Party UI

Updated Scenes

  • Eve X Male Cyclops
  • Eve X Male Dragon
  • Centaur Scenes Are Partially Implemented, with GIF attached to this patreon as way of an apology.


  • Name Selection for hatching a new monster now tells you the type and parents of said monster.
  • Sprinting now costs energy
  • Sprinting now 225% times the default speed instead of 200%
  • Healing crops are now swiftness crops and swiftness crops are now healing crops.
  • Breads now give healing instead of intuition.
  • Combat contest now provides an extra 250 x Current Round in experience for monster fighting.
  • You can no longer hatch Dragon & Chimera eggs at the normal Incubator.


  • Fixed eating items would only do one thing even if there was more than one.
  • Fixed buttons not updating when changing the state of a crop.
  • Fixed Cooking UI thinking that you do not have enough items to cook.
  • Fixed Lucia coming to you at night.
  • Fixed Grinder fight not giving XP.
  • Fixed saying “X koronas was found” instead of “X koronas were found”
  • Fixed layer sorting issue with dungeon doors
  • Fixed Macrinas Noodles not cooking correctly
  • Fixed cooking UI icons being incorrectly scaled
  • Fixed monster portraits being incorrectly scaled
  • Fixed text overflow in the dialogue window by adding a scroll bar.
  • Fixed plots with no crops thinking they have full watering level.
  • Fixed manumission date having negative numbers.
  • Potentially fixed outlines spazzing out for monsters in the barn.
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