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Claire’s Quest – 0.15.2


  • A new quest has been added to the Sisters of Fertility questline. Features futa, so be warned if that’s not your thing.
  • The final Meat Pit scene, the “Stage”, now has its CG set in place. Text was quite heavily rewritten.
  • The Fairfelt questline with Lawrence now has the CG set in place for the fondling session – second in line after the initial enslavement scene.
  • The Ghost encounters in Valos now have their accompanying CG sets; these feature non-penetrative scenes as part of our attempt to include more of these.
  • Boar now has accompanying CG set, with a variation for Roxanne.
  • Temple Gardens mapset added.


  • Several typos, pathing issues, and mapping issues, too many and too minor to list individually, have been corrected.
  • Major bug that killed the Ranger questline by preventing the Herb Pouch from being emptied after Boar attacks you was fixed.
  • Missing effects when walking in and out of the Temple of Fertility corrected.
  • Last of the Pigboss repetition lines fixed, hopefully.
  • The Mountain Lion in the Ranger questline does not interact after catching Claire; fixed.
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