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Claire’s Quest – 0.12.3

* CG has been added to the Claire blowjob scene with Lawrence; scene added to the Gallery.

* Gilly’s questline now has one ending where she can be not only locked up with the pigboss – but you get to watch as the pigboss wakes up and has his way with her. Comes ready with CG, and has been added to the Gallery.

* While looking for Marie’s Ring, Claire will no longer encounter a hungry ogre, but instead a horny pigboss – no prizes for guessing what happens. Variant of the same scene with Gilly, but with Claire instead. Scene comes with CG and has been added to the Menagerie.

* Since you can actually avoid the pirate scene altogether if you don’t go down the Fort route, I’ve added a repetition of this scene (only if you didn’t unlock it already). Taking any ferry from Rathpike now triggers a pirate attack, resulting in that scene if you don’t have enough Defiance. Only happens once.

* Added a new tool item – camping kits. You can buy these at most general stores and pawnshops. They allow you to basically “sleep” and restore all EP regardless of where you are, negating the need to run around looking for inns all the time. They are, however, more expensive than the inn option. Convenience in exchange for added price!

* Many new maps now added, mostly for background/lore right now, but obviously for quests later in the future. These include Skellas Slumtown in Rathpike, Wine Country and the nearby gypsy camp in Valos, and so on.

* Experimental new “map name” system implemented. Walking into new areas now triggers an interactive map name display. Adds more flavour (and should make writing that walkthrough easier, eh Krieshna?)

* Added some experimental new weather conditions for added map flair. Only some maps have these, not all. These include sandstorms in the outer Rathpike areas, eerie lights in Cornucopia Island, and so on.

* “Drunken” visual effect now triggers after you drink too much.

* Hamley’s questline and his store interactions (burning it, robbing it, etc) should work as intended now. Glitch had to do with a conditional I overlooked. Reworked the whole thing for good measure though.

* Gilly’s questline should be fixed up now.

* You can now sell the Large Sapphire to Savord. Forgot to add it in after I finished the last Thieves quest.

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