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Chronicles of Leridia – 0.3.3

Features :
A new chapter in the Lost Dimension with the Tower of Malek.
Join forces with Captain Slayer Lyse to conquer the tower of a demon lieutenant named Malek.
Help the slayers and see two major outcomes in the conquest, depending on your choices.
Wrestling mini-game :
A deep and entertaining wrestling game. It has great replayability. 2 COSTUMES !
You can win, you can lose, you can dominate, you can be dominated, you can have revenge, the giant can have revenge.
Hot moves based on a rock-paper-scissor system, 3 strategies to master to beat the giant.
Soft hentai, hard hentai scenes, ryona, repeatable scenes.
Sex Doll mode : losing too often open a new option if your lust is Lv5. You become the sex toy of the giant and you can control him to do lewd things to Sylia, again and again !
OVERALL : “hot” update with a lot of variables and replayability. Back to hentai as its best.

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