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Caliross, The Shapeshifter’s Legacy – 0.83b

  • Changed how Sonya’s interactions work (you only get one “sexy interaction” per night, but you don’t consume a time slot. The stripper and bunnygirl jobs become available in the outcast pendant path as well, once you are throughly brainwashed).
  • 7 new scenes for the guard club path;
  • Added the possibility to seduce (and then transform into) Baldur. re-using this transformation too many times leads to a futanari scene, and using it one more time leads to a bad end (you get a bad end for transforming too many times into Lanessa as well);
  • Added Crysta, your hometown, to the game.
  • Added 1 scene with Ginnuk;
  • Added 1 date with Kira;
  • Added delivery scene for pregnancies, introduction to the Institute that will take care of the baby while you keep adventuring;
  • Added 1 quest for the adventurers guild;
  • Removed all the audible moans from the game (the quality wasn’t good, and I was disappointed with how they impacted the test scenes);
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