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Brothel City – June version

* New interface implemented;
* New arts for Amazon decrees;
* New arts for Hostess decree;
* New arts for Waitress decree;
* Patrons Development Poll decision: Guards now patrol only inside Guards Towers and Outposts construction radius. Note: All other Defenders (Amazons, Titsguards, Valkyries, Huntresses, and Wardresses patrol everywhere);
* Patrons Development Poll decision: Now you can construct upgrades without constructing previous levels of buildings. For example, you can construct Inn without constructing Flophouse first. These buildings’ costs and time construction includes costs and time of all preceding levels.
* “Lag problem” when having too big city seems to be fixed – please, tell us if you still have it;
* Now all decrees of 3rd level require Inn in addition to other requirements (the same for the 3rd levels of Factions);
* Now all decrees of 4th level require Tavern in addition to other requirements (the same for the 4th levels of Factions);
* Now all decrees of 5th (and higher) level require Hotel in addition to other requirements (the same for the 5th levels of Factions);
* Finance report now contains the TOTAL number;
* Now servants correctly and fast move to the Servants Houses after their construction;
* Construction radius is reduced by 3 for Scaffolds, Scenes, Stalls, and Stables;
* Construction radius for Witch-Doctor Hut is increased by 3;
* Now defeated Offenders are led to the Dungeons if they were obtained inside Dungeon construction radius;
* Now guests pay extra 5% for sex in Brothel and extra 7% for sex in Pleasure House. Brothels and Pleasure Houses are now in the highest priority for those who wanna fuck;
* Now you can by Drinks in Market only (not in Trading Tents);
* Amazons are too furious fighters and they take no prisoners – they always fight Offenders till the end;
* The first Decree for Sisters of Charity now requires Chapel;
* Travellers now entertain 100% longer;
* Travellers now eat and drink 20% faster;
* Animals temporary turned off;
* Tutorial and Campaign are temporary turned off being reworked with the new interface.

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