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Bright Past – 0.08a

  • Main plot. Alex will go to his first rehearsal and find out about the vocal teacher.
  • In one of the voting you said that you like Margie (the administrator in the sports complex). I added an event with her. I will make her more important NPC in the future.
  • If Alex falls asleep with high arousal, she will have a good dream. And something after waking up.
  • Alex has new nightie now. She can wear it outside the room. Images of sleep have also changed.
  • If Alex comes home late, there is a chance that a maniac will attack her … a sex maniac … With consequences.
  • I added some people to locations to make it more realistic.
  • New locations: college of Arts (porch, corridor, Rector’s office), hospital.
  • New NPCs: nurse, two police officers, rector, maniac, vocal teacher.
  • New appearance of Valerie’s sister.
  • Now you can add money on your card. It will protect them from being stolen. There are 2 ATMs in a game.
  • When entering the location, you will see which NPCs are there.
  • Alex can sleep 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours now.
  • The work isn’t a grind anymore. You will work until the evening by one click now.
  • Jane can call on a weekday now, not just a day off.
  • You will see a special marker next to the icon when new NPCs and quests are added.
  • Some old events will now be added to the quest menu.
  • 2 collectible cards have been added.
  • Bug in the solarium was fixed.
  • Bug with the game on the phone was fixed .
  • Some minor fixes.
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