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Bright Past – 0.007

  • A big event with Valerie will be available after we catch her with a guy.
  • Accidental event at a bus stop at night.
  • An inventory bag was added to the game.
  • NPC menu with information about each friend is added.
  • A mood system was improved. Now it’s influenced by hunger, smoking, eating ice cream.
  • Orgasms get your mood to the maximum for several hours.
  • Alex can’t work in low mood. Same with hunger and sleepiness.
  • You can buy cookies and energy drinks in the store, which increase satiety and remove drowsiness.
  • Untranslated strings were fixed.
  • Prices in stores were changed.
  • The taxi was added. You can call it from the phone book.
  • You won’t be able to sleep in the center at night. Alex will call a taxi.
  • A work schedule of different places was added.
  • Alex has a passport now.
  • An interface was changed. There is a left menu with actions now. And you can see not only the mood, but also the current outfit on the Alex icon on the right side.
  • A dialog interface was changed.
  • Alex may get undressed in some places.
  • The scale of sexual arousal is completely remade.
  • A sports shop was added. There you can buy a yoga mat and sneakers.
  • A music store was added.
  • Alex can do sports at home and in the park.
  • The second edition of the newspaper was added.
  • You can buy a laptop (ad in the newspaper). But for now this is a decoration only.
  • Alex may have a headache. For now, it will only be in one place of the plot. (may need aspirin)
  • Collectible cards boost arousal.
  • A quest with rock couple was simplified.
  • Some additions and bug fixes
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