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Breeders Of The Nephelym – 0.6481 ALPHA

Hotfix 0.6481

  • Fixed: Hay bale at wrong scale in some sex scenes
  • Fixed: Incorrect price values in UI
  • Fixed: Emissary sex camera too close to wall
  • Added: Ability to control camera at barns

New Size Pairs for the Sex Scenes

  • Doggy: Huge on Large
  • Doggy: Huge on Normal
  • Doggy: Large on Normal
  • Doggy: Normal on Massive
  • Doggy: Small on Normal
  • Butterfly: Normal on Large

Quality of Life Changes

  • Collapsing detail categories
  • Prices during item trade
  • Chart to show what mate sizes have scenes
  • Dialogue finishes first when clicking next
  • Finishing a breeding scene returns you to the setup
  • Added: Exotic demon male
  • Added: Blessed Nephelym System
  • Added: First basic sex scene with Emissary
  • Added: New animation pipeline to speed up creation
  • Fixed: Every existing animation
  • Fixed: Various crashes
  • Added: Exotic dragons, the winner of the recent poll
  • Fixed: Wonky physics and dicks
  • Added: Reworked NPCs to fit new lore
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