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Bonds – 1.3.1

  • Added another Unique tier commission which is unlocked after having done at least 50 commissions and unlocked the good ending. Accepting it will show you a bonus scene that can later be replayed like a normal chapter.
  • Added new items to Session:
    • Armbinder (black, red pink and purple
    • Bikini top type 2 (one for each character)
    • Bikini bottom type 2 (one for each character)
    • Swimsuit (one for each character)
    • Gray ball gag with holes
  • Made it possible to view all variants of a CG in Gallery. The additional variants can be unlocked by replaying the chapter they appear in.
  • Greatly reduced lag and memory consumption, especially in Session
  • Reduced the number of commissions required to continue the story
  • Added a Statistics screen which shows some stats. It can be accessed through Settings.
  • Made the game version display at the bottom corner in Settings. If you click on it, FPS will be toggled on or off.
  • Made it possible to change the autosave interval in Settings (how often the game saves automatically)
  • Improved the look of volume toggle and mood bars so they better fit the overall theme, along with better-looking checkmarks for the commission lists
  • Replaced the dynamic HUD elements plugin with a new one and re-added those HUD elements
  • Added a very small introduction/tutorial the first time you enter Session after having unlocked the commission feature
  • Added an icon to make it more visible when a Unique tier is available
  • Added text showing what you have selected in the underwear section, like in the other sections
  • Made the commissioners distinguish between bras, panties, bikini tops/bottoms and swimsuits
  • Added some more commissioner names to the commission generator
  • Adjusted the mood effects of some Session items somewhat
  • Added cheats
  • Flipped the Ø symbols horizontally so instead it’s the correct clever combination of the letters N and O.
  • Fixed issue where Celine would be selected in Interaction if you click on Robin while she’s unavailable
  • Fixed message at the end of chapter 3 saying you need to do 3 commissions if you’ve already done some commissions and then reset the story.
  • Fixed being able to have Celene equip underwear/swimwear she hasn’t bought yet
  • Fixed being able to equip the purple ball gag after you have the pink one, and not if you don’t have the pink one
  • Fixed being able to put on the silver tape gag after you have the orange tape, and not if you don’t have the orange tape
  • Fixed some small graphical issues related to Alicia’s clothes in Session
  • Made some secret changes that are more fun if you stumble upon them
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