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Big Cityโ€™s Pleasures – 0.2b

Corrections and improvements in v0.1

– New revision to English translation
– Added more sounds and music
– Changed some transitions and effects
– Minor fixes

What’s new in v0.2:

842 new images and 28 animations!
Hours of gameplay (if you play it correctly)

New points: Study Points and Sex Skills
Stats and inventory now are working (inventory is limited at this first stages)

Apartment of Gina, Jessy and Tony:
– Visit the rooms in the morning
– 3 New sequences with Jessy on night visits
– 4 bathroom sequences… with good views and one specialy super hot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Interaction with Katia:
– If you beat Katia in the race you can start training with her
– New training scenario
– Katia will wear several dresses in training

Interaction with Olivia:
– We have created a very hot sequence with Olivia, where Tony will know a little more about her, he will try to find out what is going on
with her and Scott and of course, he will have a good time >:)
(Fast repeteable scene)

Interaction with Charlene:
– We haven’t been able to add the sequence planned for Charlene, but it will be shown ๐Ÿ˜‰
and we will take it very much into account for the following versions.

Interaction with Cassie (The Photographer):
– New secuence in the coffee shop
– New scenario: Photography studio
– New sequence in the photo studio where Cassie will show us her camera skills

Interaction with Alexia:
– New sequence with Alexia… maybe for some reason she will be more receptive to Tony ๐Ÿ˜‰
– New sequence with Alexia and her new tenant: Presentation of Sabrina, Cherry for friends >:)

Interaction in the coffee shop:
– Tony will be able to help the waitress with the cleaning of the cafeteria

Interaction at the university:
– New Scenarios for the University
– Tony will attend two classes
*Note that the content at the university will not be much in version 0.2, will be expanded with new options in the next version

Surprise Interaction 1:
– We have 3 new sequences for a new character… 2 of them are very… stimulating >:)

Surprise interaction 2:
– 1 New hot sequence with a new character, we think you will like it a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Interaction in the shop:
– New scenario where Tony will be able to buy some useful objects to trigger some situations
– New character
*The store will show several objects for you to see the future possibilities, but at the moment you can only buy a few

Changelog v0.1fix:

– Removed stats screen (it doesn’t work well)

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