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Babysitter – 0.1.3

– Fixed several incorrect images
– Fixed a bug in Karaoke that would not increase Date Points after a certain song.
– Changed the cliffhanger slightly, so it’s less abrupt
– Fixed bugs when looking at Christine’s PC
– Cleaned up several awkward sentences throughout the new update
– Fixed bug on Day 11 where the player was unable to take Christine’s panties
– Also, on Day 12, Christine’s panties no longer break the laws of causality
– Fixed a longstanding bug on Day 10 when Robert goes to visit Christine
– Fixed issues with the Broken Heart ending
– Changed some descriptions to better line up with the accompanying images
– Fixed a bug in the second interactive section of Karaoke
– Added Cheats (click on the calendar in the top right)
– Changed function of skip buttons
– Updated walkthrough with additional information and renamed routes to Corporate Route and Patreon Route
– Corrected many typos and superfluous ‘ marks throughout the game. There is still a lot to go, but proofreaders need more time. :)
– Added more transitions between scenes during day 11 and 12
– Made it easier to hire Sonya on Day 2 and made it, so failure to do so gives and immediate, instead of delayed Bad Ending
– Taking Christine’s Pyjamas at the wrong time will no longer end the game but cause a Friendship penalty and possibly cut off early access to Christine’s PC
– Mr. Silver’ convincing Julia to ‘assist’ him on Day 5 no longer ends the game
– Christine will not leave you on Day 1 unless her Friend score is at 0 (You basically must be a COMPLETE asshole now)
– Allowed players to infect Christine’s PC with Spyware if you miss the opportunity on Day 3
– Fixed several bugs involving incorrect ‘else’ or ‘or’ statements, including Christine’s bedside table
– Put T4bbo logo and splashscreen in the Android version

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