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Aurelia – 0.06.2

A new character (Scarlet), a new scene for Scarlet, and a new minigame
Hotfix .1: Fixed the lockpicking minigame bug and other minor issues, added more kings on the board
Hotfix .2: Fixed resolution issues on some devices, reworked the “name selection” room.

  • Added Scarlet’s voice
  • Scarlet’s portrait
  • Scarlet’s scene
  • Finished bedroom BG
  • Finished “Kings board” BG
  • New minigame BG
  • New minigame assets
  • 1 new item icon


  • Coded Ivy, Lily, Janet and Scarlet dialogues and questlines.
  • Added Ivy garden dialogues


  • Inventory will show only the used/ocuppied item slots
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