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Apocamorphosis – 0.99B PTB-Full

Bug Fixes

– Fixed this…Failed to save field `’slimeboygood.futasexmenuredux’ with value” with value ‘Script:’ – Function not found: ‘futasexmenuredux’ when the Player attempts to Save. I also repaired the scripts for the ‘malesexmenuredux’ and the ‘femalesexmenuredux’ so those shouldn’t be throwing errors anymore.

– Fixed a discrepancy dealing with the Player as a Female Virgin being contradicted in a Waterhole description scene. Thanks, LosTiger!

– Fixed some spacing in the Stats Page

Game Expansion
– On the secret project I finished some exit descriptions and variables and I’ve written a major interaction within. I’ve also commissioned a picture for it from our wonderful background artist, Alexis Rillera which is now completed and ready to go. There is another major interaction and secondary interaction completed within the secret project.

-More Slime Encounter Sex Scenes finished. 2 More Sex Scenes which conclude the Futa/Male version of him for the time being. These can get you pregnant if you’re a Female character. All that’s left are the Globina straight/lesbian interactions.

– Corruption no longer causes a game-over scenario. See below under Stats for new Corruption details! ((The Help Guide has not been updated regarding this yet)).

– The new Save/Load is still currently being developed! I’ll let you guys know more when I do.

– The Wolf-Taur NPC now has an initial conversation with a menu choice regarding how you want to respond to him.

– The Scissors have received a massive overhaul description for Male and Female Zombies. The scripts are both descriptive enough to apply to the current creature you’re fighting and any other humanoids you come across which will allow me to add in new enemies faster ^_^ Let me know if you come across any glitches or weirdness!


– Corruption, regarding the script of becoming 100% corrupted have been completely rewritten/reworked. From here on out, 100% Corruption will NO LONGER result in a game-over. Instead, starting at 90% Corruption or higher, the Player’s Sympathy and Serious Moods will have a 1% per turn to be reduced by 1 (until the Player gets beneath the 90% Corruption cap). Your Meditation Skill will also be reduced to 0. Keep in mind, some NPCs won’t talk to you if you are too Corrupted which means you may miss out on certain Quests or interactions etc. You also have a 25% chance to receive some horrifying messages if you lose Sympathy/Serious Mood Points…More to come regarding this particular change in the future


– I’ve begun Glob’s sex scenes. I wanted to try something a little different for these sex scenes however and if they go over well with everyone, I’ll just make it a standard for all NPC sex scenes from here on out (no, I will not be revisting any previous sex scenes before Glob) with this method. Ultimately, each Gender option with him will bring up a Menu List of Choices about how you want to proceed with the scene (Entice will do something similar to this and Masturbate already does) and even allowing you to repeat them and finish him off; each scene having both First Time versions and repeatable versions with Lust and Horny Variables. During the Repeated scenes you’ll be prompted if you want to finish him in whatever way your currently having sex; in your ass, mouth, vagina, on your breasts etc will be chosen at random. If the Player reaches 10 Lust however, they will Orgasm and the scene between you will end. All of these scenes also change a bit based on your Dominant Mood.

For the different versions of him. These are your Menu Choices:


Suck Hir -complete-

Get Pegged, Anal Sex -complete-

Get Pegged, Vaginal Sex -complete-

Stop Playing With Globa -complete-


Suck Him -complete-

Get Pegged, Anal Sex -complete-

Get Pegged, Vaginal Sex -complete-

Stop Playing With Glob -complete-


Lick Her Pussy -incomplete-

Have Her Lick Your Vagina -incomplete-

Suck On Her Breasts -incomplete-

Stop Playing With Globina -complete-
*Obviously several of these are Player Gender based. Female Player’s will not be able to Rub Dicks Together and Male Player’s can’t have their Vagina Licked, for example. If you’re a Male Player a Breast Size of C-cup or bigger won’t remove the choice of having your Breasts sucked.
* The usual variables apply: Lactation. And obviously if you go against your current Orientation there is a chance “per menu choice that violates your Orientation” that it may gain or lose points.
* Each choice also increases your Lust by either +1, +2 or +3.
* The Player Orgasm Scripts are already in the game as well for all genders.

The Sympathy and Serious, first time scenes, repeated scenes and fade-out/sex scenes are finished for Male and Futa Slime Genders. These can and will result in Orientation changes and possibly Pregnancy as well.

**I will only be working on the Vaginal Sex Scene with FUTA and MALE versions of Glob and the Oral Sex Scences with FEMALE Glob before moving onto the next NPC. I can come back and finish the rest later as they will take more time.

– Globa/Glob can now get Female Character’s Pregnant. Remember even if Globa/Glob cums inside of your Character and you don’t immediately get Pregnant, there is still a chance for 25 turns for it to happen afterward.


– I’ve added the Wolf-Taur NPCs (Tendrance) interaction. So far only one of the choices is completed “Compliance With His Request” in which case Rold will enter and the scene will end.

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