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Apocamorphosis – 0.98D

Bug Fixes
– Fixed this: Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘exit.parent’: Unknown object or variable ‘exit’ in Rold’s Laboratory when trying to move between the Experimentation Cells or the Orb Room. Particularly in the options of Turning Back.

-Fixed: Error running script: Error evaluating expression ‘eval(condition, ParamsForTextProcessor():'( Error compiling expression ‘”+AnyReachableCloneGetBoolean(old_lantern,”switchedon”)+” or (candle girl.switchedon and (candle girl.parent=game.pov.parent or candle girl.parent=game.pov):'( SyntaxError: Unexpected token “switchedon” <IDENTIFIER>; expected one of <EOF>Line: 1, Column: 44 when re-entering the Experimentation Cells.

– Fixed: {either “+AnyReachableCloneGetBoolean(old_lantern,”switchedon”)+” or (candle girl.switchedon and (candle girl.parent=game.pov.parent or candle girl.parent=game.pov)):Even the luminescence from your light-source isn’t helping much.}

– Fixed an error where Traps in Rold’s Laboratory weren’t triggering if he didn’t Warn you about them during your initial conversation.

– Fixed an error that was sometimes preventing people from moving around in the Laboratory.

– Fixed: Error running script: Error evaluating expression ‘GetAllChildObjects(newParent:'( Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute, when entering Rold’s Lab sometimes.

-Fixed: Error running script: Error evaluating expression ‘ListCombine(ScopeReachableNotHeldForRoom(room), ScopeVisibleNotReachableForRoom(room):'( Value cannot be null.Parameter name: collection, when entering Rold’s Lab sometimes.

– Fixed Error running script: Cannot foreach over ” as it is not a list, when entering Rold’s Lab sometimes.

– Fixed Error running script: Error evaluating expression ‘ListExclude(ScopeVisibleNotHeldNotScenery(), game.pov:'( Object reference not set to an instance of an object, when entering Rold’s Lab sometimes.

– All the Tier 1 Perks and their respective Counters have been added to the Save/Load library.

Game Expansion
– I’ve begun a “secret project” for the game which I will be working on intermittingly and when the entire thing is finished, I will unveil it! But I’ve created six NPCs for it now all with unique descriptions that change a little based on your current Dominant Mood. I’ve also added this “places” room description and details, including summer, winter and all weather details for each! The description for one of the major objects is completed.

– Slime Encounter Sex Scenes (cont).

– I’ve added Tier 1 of the Skill Tree to the game and all the Perks therein are hard-coded into the game. The List below will explain everything. Basically, you will need one of your Primary Stats; Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Defense, Resist, Maximum Health, Maximum Carry or Corruption to reach a value of at least 20 or greater (Defense being the exception at 5). Here are the Perks below which you will be able to find in your Player Description under Earned Perks once you’ve unlocked them.
STR Tier 1
CHOICE 1: Inner Strength; +5 STR

CHOICE 2: Ferocity; +1 ATK

CHOICE 3: Power Over Wisdom; +10 STR,-10 INT

AGL Tier 1
CHOICE 1: Float Like A Butterfly; +5 AGL

CHOICE 2: Ghost; Reduced Enemy Hit Chance

CHOICE 3: Dodge Over Matter; +10 AGL,-5 DEF

INT Tier 1
CHOICE 1: Nobody’s Fool; +5 INT

CHOICE 2: Eidetic Observation; Increased Critical Chance.

CHOICE 3: Brains Over Brawn; +10 INT,-10 STR

DEF Tier 1
CHOICE 1: Immoveable Object; +2 DEF

CHOICE 2: Brick House; Shelter Cost Reduced.

CHOICE 3: A Perfect Wall; +4 DEF,-10 AGL

RES Tier 1
CHOICE 1: Rolling Stones; +20 RES

CHOICE 2: Cleanse; Cleanse Detrimental Ailment 2000CD Manual.

CHOICE 3: Temple Body; Every 1000CD +1 Resist, Auto.

CHOICE 1: Like A Rock; +10 MXHLTH

CHOICE 2: Second Wind; Restore +15 Health Every 2000CD, Auto.

CHOICE 3: Group Therapy; All Allies Gain +10 MXHLTH.

CHOICE 1: The Burden of Atlas; +10 MXCRRY

CHOICE 2: Survivor Man; +15 MXCRRY, -5 MXHLTH

CHOICE 3: Share the Load; All Allies Gain +5% more MXCRRY for the Player.

CORR Tier 1
CHOICE 1: SXY/SAR: Dark Seduction; +5 CORR, +3 Damage Successful Entices.

SYM/SER: Dark Soul; +5 CORR, +1 to All Stats (Not Skills).

CHOICE 2: SXY/SAR: Corruptive Allure; +5 CORR, +3 Charm Skill.

SYM/SER: Redemption; -10 CORR 2000CD, Auto.

CHOICE 3: SXY/SAR: Forgiveness is Divine; -20 CORR, -1 All Current Stats (not skills)

SYM/SER: Feel Your Hatred; +10 CORR,+3 DMG

– I’ve begun Glob’s sex scenes starting with his Futa Version, Globa. I wanted to try something a little different for these sex scenes however and if they go over well with everyone, I’ll just make it a standard for all NPC sex scenes from here on out (no, I will not be revisting any previous sex scenes before Glob) with this method. Ultimately, each Gender option with him will bring up a Menu List of Choices about how you want to proceed with the scene (Entice will do something similar to this and Masturbate already does) and even allowing you to repeat them and finish him off; each scene having both First Time versions and two different repeatable versions with Lust and Horny Variables. During the Repeated scenes you’ll be prompted if you want to finish him in whatever way your currently having sex; in your ass, mouth, vagina, on your breasts etc. If the Player reaches 10 Lust however, they will Orgasm and the scene between you will end. All of these scenes also change a bit based on your Dominant Mood.

For the Futa Version of him. These are your Menu Choices:

1) Suck Hir
2) Get Pegged, Anal Sex
3) Get Pegged, Vaginal Sex
4) Lick Hir Pussy
5) Suck On Hir Breasts
6) Have Hir Suck Your Breasts
7) Rub Dicks Together
8) Have Him Lick Your Vagina
*Obviously several of these are Player Gender based. Female Player’s will not be able to Rub Dicks Together and Male Player’s can’t have their Vagina Licked. If you’re a Male Player a Breast Size of C-cup or bigger won’t remove the choice of having your Breasts sucked.
* The usual variables apply: Lactation. And obviously if you go against your current Orientation there is a chance “per menu choice that violates your Orientation” that it may gain or lose points.
* Each choice also increases your Lust by either +1, +2 or +3.
* The Orgasm Scripts are already in the game as is the first scene of one choice “Suck Hir” (not the repeated versions).

– I reworked the game’s Weather System; Rain is now separate from Cloudy Weather meaning there are four possibilities you can get in the game. Clear Weather however is going to be the most common for now.

– I expanded on Rold’s Favor message when he isn’t ready yet to “hint hint, nudge nudge” the Player to keep looking around.

– I repurposed the mirror in the Western Hallway of the Withered Snag. When you first look at the Mirror now you will no longer see a Lift Verb. This is because it’s hidden, dun dun duun! You have to use the Stare Verb in order to reveal the next Verb. If you have an Intelligence of 7 or greater it will appear right away but otherwise you will have a 33% chance to get the Lift Verb with each Stare. Once it appears you can try and Lift the mirror like before The transformation sequences that were here are going to be moved to a new location and rewritten eventually. I never thought it made sense to have such a dangerous item just lying about in a place where people might go so look for it in the future. When you look in the Mirror now, it will display your current Corruption Levels, your Facial Features, your Eyes and your Lips as well.

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