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Apocamorphosis – 0.98C

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a Save/Load error that was making people 3 feet tall again! Argh! >.<
– Fixed the Health/Corruption/Gold JS at the top of the screen from disappearing and reappearing constantly in Quest 5.8.
– Fixed Worn Clothing not appearing in the Worn Clothing Storage in Quest 5.8. This in turn has made Save/Load more reliable as several parts of the library are now defaulted in Quest. So win/win!
– Piercings weren’t always showing up as a Character Creation choice. This has been fixed.
– The Weakness Category in the Character Creator was sometimes labeled as “Pride”. This has been fixed.
– Fixed a Height error with Attacking Enemies.
– Fixed up the Zombie Type attack scripts. They should be a lot cleaner now and more awesome than before :D Hopefully more immersive too!
– The Male and Female Heights in the Character Creation when Game Stats are shown were swapped on accident. Whoops! That has been fixed! Females were labeled on the Male Height and Male Height were labeled on the Female Height! XD
– I fixed a myriad of bugs with the Character Creator 2.5…like….at least 200 errors or so over the course of about a day and a half. @[email protected]
– Fixed some errors with the Alaraune and Slime verbs not appearing (or appearing all at once!)
Game Expansion
– Slime Encounter finished (except for intimate scenes).
– I’ve continued remastering and standardizing the Combat Scripts, weaponless scripts are done onto the weapons!
– I’ve improved the kiss scenes with Hannah by adding Lust Levels and Horny variables and these scenes have been rewritten to flow better. This is completed for Sexy Dominant Mood Players as well as for both sets of Orientations: Straight to Bi-Curious and Bisexual to Homosexual. With a Bisexual to Homosexual Orientation, the Player and Hannah may end up fingering one another with high enough lust levels and with Straight to Bi-curious, Player’s with high enough Lust Levels/Horny may end up getting eaten out by Hannah while she touches herself. The Sarcasm Dominant Mood versions are coming!
– Added Julie666 to the Game’s Help Guide Thank You Page! Thank you so much for your awesome donation. It was nice meeting you!
– Added BenTheGoat to the Game’s Help Guide Thank You Page! Don’t stress about the items either, remember it’s an open invitation! :D
– Higher Tier Codes now unlock Lower Tier Codes. This means if you type in the SMB code, for example, it’ll unlock the rest of the menu’s in-game for the Player! This was a great suggestion by Sentomis! Hopefully, it’ll save donator’s some time! Basically, type in your highest tier code first and the rest will unlock.
– Added Glass Taffy, Goblin Cream, Cowabunga Fruit, Alaraune Nectar Seeds and Slime Slug to the PVM.
– In the Character Creation I have changed Alias to Name and explain within that titles will be available for the Player to earn.
– I have added AMS Beginner Walkthrough notepad to the game’s download. So there will always be four files.
1. Current AMS Version.
2. Latest Quest Install
4. AMS Beginner Walkthrough
Keep in mind, the walk-through does NOT reveal every tiny detail about Chapter 1; it does not go over items, it doesn’t go over what you should say to NPCs or what every choice you make does. BUT it does go into moderate detail about MOST of the important things in Chapter 1 and even covers a couple of secrets too that you may not have known about.
– I updated the AMS Beginning Walk-Through with a new TROUBLESHOOTING section. There haven’t been many over the course of the game’s existence but hopefully this little extra section will help anybody experiencing problems :D
– I have fixed some spacing in the Jump Scenario of The Edge at the secondary finale of Chapter 1.
– Added an Explorer Background variable to the Edge’s alternative rockside Path discovery. If you do not pass the Intelligence stat check, you can pass with the Explorer Background, otherwise there is still a 35% chance to discover the Path otherwise.
– The Slime NPC encounter in the Experimentation Cells is basically finished except for his intimate scenes which will come in the next update (along with the next NPC the Wolf-Taur). This NPC has a special mechanic called Tolerance. If you mistreat or upset him you will lose -1 Tolerance; two times, will cause the Player to lose access speaking with Glob.
When you first meet Glob, you both will approach the Cell Door and then he will ask about your Spirit. You can reply with these choices:
1) My Spirit?
2) Do You Begin Every Conversation This Way?
3) I’m Alright.
My Spirit? Choice.
This choice has an Intelligence Check and several Intelligence Variables that slightly change the conversation—although the outcome remains the same. Picking this choice will lead to the next topic “Question Him”
Do You Begin Every Conversation This Way?
This choice leads to another Intelligence Check. Have an Intelligence of 7 or greater will lead to another group of choices.
Intelligence 7 or Greater
1) Maybe?
2) Probably.
3) Doubtful.
Maybe? Choice.
Leads to Glob getting upset with the Player. -1 Tolerance. Leads o the next Conversation Topic “Question Him”.
Probably. Choice.
Leads to Glob getting upset with the Player. -1 Tolerance. Leads to the next Conversation Topic “Question Him”.
Doubtful. Choice
There are no negative repercussions for this choice. Leads to the next Conversation Topic “Question Him”.
Intelligence 6 or Less
Is a Mood Check.
Sexy Mood Dominant’s will completely make the Player lose the ability to speak with Glob. Sympathy Mood Dominant leads to the next Conversation Topic “Question Him”. Sarcasm Mood Dominant’s will make the Player completely lose the ability to speak with Glob. Serious Mood Dominant’s will make the Player completely lose the ability to speak with Glob.
I’m Alright. Choice
This choice causes a -1 Tolerance from Glob and then will lead to another series of choices.
1) Come Clean.
2) Fix the Situation.
Come Clean. Choice.
This choice has no negative consequences and will lead to the next Conversation Topic “Question Him”.
Fix the Situation. Choice.
This choice leads to a -1 Tolerance from Glob and will lead to the next Conversation Topic “Question Him”.
After getting through the first question, Glob will proceed to pour his heart out to you regarding what happened to him and his village. This is a hint hint nudge nudge plot-point that will be important later. WINK WINK. When he’s finished you will be presented with a number of choices to respond with.
1) Cool Story.
2) I’m So Sorry.
3) Least You’re Alive.
4) Intriguing…
Cool Story. Choice
You gain +1 Sarcasm Mood Dominance and you gain access to the next Conversation Topic “Slime Questions”
I’m So Sorry. Choice
You gain +1 Sympathy Mood Dominance and you gain access to the next Conversation Topic “Slime Questions”
Least You’re Alive. Choice
You gain +1 Serious Mood Dominance but also lose -1 Glob Tolerance. You do gain access to the next Conversation Topic “Slime Questions” as well.
You gain +1 Sexy Mood Dominance but Glob instantly no longer wants to talk with you afterward making the Player lose access to his Conversations.
Now that the important topics are out of the way, the Player suggests some light-hearted questions regarding Glob as a slime. At this point he becomes Globina, a female version of himself. This Conversation Topic changes based on what your Dominant Mood is. After this however the Player can choose to make Glob whatever gender they want, including: Male, Female and Futa. From here, sex scenes will be added.
– Glass Taffy and Goblin Cream have been added to all Loot Tables as well.
– I modified all the Loot/Search scripts so that they all read “You loot/found” yada yada, so that they are all uniform and less confusing. Let me know what you think!
– Improved Character Creator 2.5. A programmer friend of mine suggested that instead of using a menu, I control the creator through functions, so it took me about a day and a half to switch ALL of the choices over, separate them and make them into different functions and to systematically test all the choices over and over again. As a result, the creation process is about 2000 lines of code shorter and you have to click about 50% less. All and all a vast improvement and it makes it much easier to find bugs. If you encounter any bugs with the creator let me know so I can fix ‘em
– I changed the color of the categories on the Stats page from white to autumn brown. I think it’s a lot easier on the eyes and compliments the dark yellow as well. Very fall-like!
– Because of how much work I’ve been putting into the NPCs in the Experimentation Cells, their default encounter rate has been changed from 30 up to 75%.
Slime Sex Scenes.
Wolf-Taur NPC + New Quest.
Orc NPC (all inside the Experimentation Cells).
Aaleahya Companion Remaster.
Rold Favor Remaster.
New Withered Snag Living Room Picture by Alexis.
Chapter 1 Conclusion.
AMS v0.98D (PTB-Midpoint)
27SEP18 – September 27th, 2018.

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