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Ancient world: Gods and Men – 1.7

what’s new

*Appearance mirror added where player can groom characters.

*Player creation updated, base face models changed

*You are now able to “talk” to defeated leader after combat.


*Gladiator class added. You’ll need to reasign existing characters already working as gladiators for this to take affect.

*Added gladiator minigame. Player can now send gladiators to fight challengers for additional gold and rewards (by selecting billboard in training grounds).

*gladiators now have to be assigned to training dummy in order to passively increase combat experience.

*Injuries reinstated.

//changes, minor updates

*Player now receives small amount of Denarii when winning in arena. (At least enough for resting)

*POV view removed. Until further notice.

*Information/market display modified. You now select object for information instead of hovering over.

*Idle animations added when character is doing nothing.

*When assigned as gladiator class you can no longer assign character as a prostitute. The same will happen with prostitute proffesion when brothel management is implemented.

*Males earn more money then female as a gladiator. Female earns more money then male as a prostitute.

*Some starting hair meshes have been remodeled. Hair textures are temporary disabled.

*Weather system. It can rain during combat (Light rain, Heavy rain, with thunder). Rain is based on combat location.

*Unlocked maximum breast size for normal game. Example: Big girls will have no size limitation, while the thin girls will be capped at medium size. Basically bigger chance for bigger boobs overall.

*Updated some of the tutorials, tooltips.

*Cum/milk effect changed.

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