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Ancient world: Gods and Men – 1.6a

Added difficulty setting. (Due to complaints the game was too difficult. It’s advised to play this game on easy, until your servants or equivalent will be able to acompany you)

Added terrain for player home base and implemented build/resource/upgrade system.

Resource gain is based on character sex/loyalty/strength/status.

Changed villa look, to match the upgrade system in upcoming updates.

Servants are no longer in villa but in their own building.

Further developed pregnancy system. (No incest, for now until I bypass this patreon rule with historical accuracy, Roman/Egyptian “pure blooded”)

Chat replies are now based on characters personality/status.

In order to sleep you now select 3D object (bed) instead of UI.

Characters in market now resets daily.

Blowjob scene animations improved, added sounds.

New feature Action Points. Action points are used daily for sex initiation, combat, etc… Energy is now primarly used only for combat.

Fixes a bug that caused characters nonselectable.

Fixed a bug that caused player to start with 20 morality instead of 0.

Fixed a bug that did not save patreon codes.

Fixed a bug that caused game freezes when exiting town.

Fixed a bug that caused saving talents to fail. To fix this without starting a new game, use RESETCHAR code to only reset your main character stats to level 0.

(If your character has the same amount of talents points as his level you do not need to do this)

… and various tiny bug fixes.

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