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Ancient world: Gods and Men – 1.4


*Strength talent changes appearance.
*Busty size increased.
*Old sex system and animations removed. New animation, and sex system implemented. Partner orgasm.
*Comments implemented during sex scenes based on loyalty.
*Two new scrolls for all patrons.
*You can now promote slave to Doktore.
*Female clothing shop only for now. 3 tiers. Traveler – Free 0$/ Citizen – Patreon 1$/ Royalty – Patreon 5$.
*The Royals can also buy lower tier items.
*The same goes with Temple/scroll shop.
*Pubic hair – for the moment you can toggle through pubic hair in view mode, but will later be moved to makeup artist/hairdresser workshop.
*Male gladiator clothing changed.

minor fixes, changes:
*cursor now becomes transparent when info hovering
*information tooltip now offsets when hovering near edge of screen
*field of view from POV view is now adjustable with arrow keys or middle mouse button. Nose vision removed. (Again, game was not intended for such closeup for now, POV is optional)
*Player can now search for next opponent in arena 3 times/day. Or until 18:00 game time. So it’s easier to find your preferred slaves.
*Player can change character names.
*Background is now visible in sex scene.

known bugs:
-Sometimes character goes off contraption in dungeon and you need to reassign them. After a quick check I could not find conflict causing it. Will adress this issue thoroughly when there will be more content in dungeon.
-Combat turn timer not showing

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