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Amity Park – 0.3.1b

Four Brand New
Quests (Including One Branching Choice Quest)
Brand New PDA Feature – Spookchat
Numerous Character interactions on Spookchat App
Three Brand New H-Scene Animations
Two Re-worked Previously Included H-Scene Animations
Four Brand New Lewd Images to unlock in either Pictures Folder or on
Re-worked Quest Log (Numerous new progress markers with individual quest statuses)
Lightly Re-worked Fight Logic
4 Brand New Battles related to Story
Re-worked Jack Interaction Dialogue
Re-worked Maddie Interaction Dialogue
Nurse Kate’s office now freely explorable in Episode 4
Brand New “Mystery Shop Owner” Models
HUGE overhaul of Writing and Dialogue in Episodes 1-3
HUGE overhaul of Portrait Posing in Episodes 1-3
HUGE overhaul of Transitions and Graphics in Episodes 1-3
Newly optimized Danny arms
Newly optimized Tucker arms
Newly optimized Maddie Models
New Kitchen Table Background
New Kitchen Table Danny Models
New Kitchen Table Jazz Models
New Stadium Background
New School Bathroom Backgrounds (Both Boys and Girls)
New Tucker Models
New Danny Models
New Invisible Danny Models
New Star Models
New Lancer Model
Brand New Character – Madam Babazita
Brand New Character – Desiree
“Brand New” Character – The Box Ghost (Beware!!)
Refitted Pictures Folder
New Inventory Items
Updated Credits
New Post Credit Scene
Episode 5 Title Revelation in Post Credit Transition
Updated Episode Selection Menu
Properly Punctuated Episode Titles
New Openable Customization Menu (Actual Customization options coming one week after each v.0.3.1 per specific Patreon Tier)

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