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Agent of Heels: Misadventures of Agent Romanov – 0.10.0

– Technical information
⦁ Version: 0.10.0_PRE
⦁ Weight: 2.25 GB
⦁ Weight Packed: 1.5GB
– Content
⦁ Added a whole new day to the gameplay!
⦁ Added Good and Corrupt Playable Mission 2 Scenarios (with Bad Path to come)
Currently 2 massive scenes, each a distinct playable path that intertwines and crossovers at points, essentially making it 6 scenes joined together. These scenes come complete with both Text and CG variants. More still to come with the Bad Path.
⦁ 101 new CGs, 24,000 new words of Text and Dialogue. Again, more to come with Bad Path. Plus more to some soon.
⦁ 3 new temporary outfits for Natasha: Agency Issued Wetsuit, Sneaking Bathing Suit, and Entertainer’s Body Suit ‘The Rose
⦁ 1 new temporary outfit for Annette: Oriental Administrator.
⦁ 1 new character: Maeda’s Private Hooker #1
⦁ 2 new locations: Mayor’s Luxury Yacht and New York Bay Pier (Restricted)
⦁ New Major Props. Highlights include new weapons for Nat, special lock boxes, helicopter and much more.
⦁ New major special effects including Liquid Dynamics, Heat Effects, Electrical Discharge effects, Fire Effects, Ballistic Dynamics and Floral Effects.
– Features
⦁ Fully complete Mission #2 playthroughs for Good and Corrupt Paths. Players can start the mission in 2 distinctly different ways based on past playing choices, and end in one of 3 distinct ways depending on choices taken and crossover of paths. More to come with Bad Path additions.
⦁ One last chance to shape Natasha’s main character traits and path, depending on choices and actions taken. This Mission will let you change paths, and it will likely be the last time you can easily do so before the ending, so make your choices carefully. To that intent, there are not conditions or skill checks in this mission, so the choice is left entirely to your judgement.
⦁ Serious consequences and outcomes for all characters involved in Mission #2 including permanent effects that may persist throughout the remainder of the game and in the beWilderverse as a whole, not to mention on Natasha.

– Community Feedback
⦁ We did some fan requested clean up of older scenes and some minor engine tinkering that will allow us some to add in some key engine feature later on when we have time for a proper ‘engine orientated update’ (likely at the end of the game’s production and content creation). This is really work that will go unseen in this version, but it will allow for easier typo fixes later on (again when we have time and an update that’s not already 24k-42 words) as well as whole early scene rewrites and better transition effect speeds. Thanks to the playability feedback from a lot of people for this!

– Known Issues
⦁ If you have not completed the v0.8 Scene involving Ivy and the Files by the time you try and start Mission #2 by Day 11, it will play instead. If you don’t hit the bright yellow button on screen at that point you will miss Mission #2 altogether. We aim to fix this by the full v0.10 release
⦁ As mentioned last version, some of the new scenes that have important distinctions / variants based on Mission #1 outcomes, are inaccessible due to pathing restrictions if you are loading a save in which you completed Mission #1 in a version before v0.7. Loading a save pre-mission #1 and continuing play from there should resolve this issue… and saves already loaded before and played through in v0.7 should be unaffected. This should be the last time we need to post this reminder as the public build as passed out this milestone now.

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