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Adventure High – 0.52

Here’s what’s new in this version of the game:

– 3 scenes added to Julia’s Arsenal Plotline.
– 1 spell added for Julia.
– Julia can learn to randomly chase monsters away with insults.
– Cassandra now causes strange effects when using liquid life potions.
– Bear Claw in the submissive version of Sarah’s home plot is now beatable using Cassandra’s potions.
– Victoria’s Library scenes added.
– 2 spells added for Val
– 2 spells added for Molly
– 1 floor added to the dungeon
– 2 scenes added for Julia on the new dungeon floor.
– 1 spell for Ashley added.
– One scene added to Ms. Rack’s romance plotline.
– Sigil added to Floor 20
– Notes added to Floor 20
– Drape’s 3rd Secret Class added.
– Jane’s 3rd Secret Class added.
– Ms. Rack’s 3rd secret class, and bimbo alternate class added.
– Dr. Tiff’s 3rd secret class added.
– 1 scene added for Cassandra and Sarah’s plotline.

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