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Accidental Woman – 0.14.1 Public

NONE. Seriously. Old saves and templates will crash your game, and you’ll have to restart. Trust me, they don’t work. Backward compatibility was killed by the whole new data structure and auto-backwardcompatibility work so that we don’t have to worry about this in future releases.

Known Issues:
There are bugs. I didn’t have any play test volunteers this time, but the level of fuckery was high anyway so it would have been hard to utilize.
• The sex scene system seems to be running slowly. Partially because of the contrast with the other
game areas being so fast now, but also I suspect an area in need of optimization.
• There are several instances where you will see something like ↂ.pc.example.words. This is a result of the conversion of the data system, and 99% of them have been reported corrected as of this release.

The below bugs were already reported and have been fixed, but remain in version 14.1:
• Complete switch to TypeScript with exception of SugarCube source, libraries, and some minor files
I have a reason not to convert (build process).
• Large shift to data framework, primarily to make other things possible.
• Dramatic improvement to game performance. Passage transition speed isnow 20 to 40 times faster depending on the game area. Other code areas range from 3 to 12 times faster than before.
• This was tested on high-end machines, lower-end machines will see a larger improvement in performance.
• Game save system performance improved considerably, reducing save and load times by as much as 50%. Again, this will be likely be better on lower-end machines.
• Proper resource file loading, along with a visible loading progress bar.
• In order to ensure that all players can load assets without problems, the full image load
occurs before moving to the start screen. While image load speeds haven’t actually changed
much at all, time spent on the loading screen is longer as a result.
• Complete (re)structuring of character data (PC & NPCs).
• Allows for more reliable and easier to code for data interactions.
• Removes the 5-10 active NPC limit entirely without impacting performance (overall performance considerably improved).
• Will allow for much faster processing of NPC changes/updates/mechanics on sleep and weekreview loading screens.
• Serious amount of bugs killed, including some that prevented certain content/mechanics from working properly or working at all.

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