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A Wife And Mother – 0.04 beta

Content: 266 new renders and 9 new scenes (mostly very small ones)

So, this is by far the shortest update! Most of the scenes are again very elaborate and detailed. That’s why I think 266 renders of that kind in 4 1/2 weeks are not that little. I’ve worked about 400 hours on this update!

Info about this release: It contains the half of day 4. The main focus of this update is the introduction of many new important characters.

I tried my best to reduce or speed up everything rather “unimportant” and make it smoother.

The next update will have a leap in time of 1 week to day 11 noon. Important: it doesn’t mean there will be 6 days less of story! All together there are still 30 playable days! The characters will just follow their normal lives for one week.

The house and especially the hallway (3rd floor) will be renovated!


The language of entire vers. 0.02 is completely edited now! The language of this version will be edited for one of the next publications.

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