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A Town Uncovered – 0.14b

No changelog
+Spelling and Typo Fixes and Dialogue Improvements/ Changes
+Added a ‘Fail-Safe’ feature that allows you to skip over a blockade or errors in the game
+Added IceCream’py Counter when checking on Alanna about the Job
+Added Shaking Effects
+Added Minor Throwaway Lines to fit the mood of the Miss Allaway
+Added Carpet to Mom Cuddling Scene in the Living Room
+Added Outcome for when you don’t have enough money during the first camgurl stream
+Improved Visibility of the Paper in Sister’s Room
+Fixed Trigger so Sister doesn’t show up in the Hallway after being Scolded by Mom
+Fixed Trigger that allows you to skip nights with Mom without her feeling mad
+Fixed Trigger about the conversation that you have with Mom about her Healed Eye
+Fixed Trigger Bug that doesn’t allow you to learn how to pick a lock
+Fixed Infinite Loop outside the Cafe at night
+Fixed Zoom in on the Hospital at Night at the Start
+Fixed Some Notification Popups
+Fixed Some Transitions
+Fixed Bug where Mom is in the Bath when you just got out after watching Sister’s Stream
+Optimized sprite coding in scenes with 3 people
+Locked Sister’s Bedroom in the Afternoon on a Wednesday to fit with the story


+Sister Progress
+General Code Restructuring
+General Fix of Mom’s Story Trigger Points
+General Font, Spelling and Grammar fixes
+Added New Location
+Added Incest Porno with Mom Scene
+Added Anal Missionary Scene in Mom’s H-scene
+Added Anal Bent Over Scene in Mom’s H-scene
+Added Mom Movie Date Handjob Scenes
+Added Mom Movie BJ Scenes
+Added Mom Midnight Magazine-Triggered Grinding Scene
+Added a Research Section for Story Progressing Purposes
+Added Proper Transition Conversations based on outcome after Mom’s Dinner Date
+Added a ‘Next Week’ option for Effie’s Text to Meet at the Park
+Improved Notification at the end of Mom’s Dinner Date
+Improved Mom Objective about ‘Waiting till Friday’
+Optimized sprite coding in scenes with 3 people
+Fixed Trigger points for Mom Watching Porno Scene
+Fixed Temporary Mom Trigger to Revisit the Home Run Scene
+Fixed Shopping feature so that items can only be bought once
-Missing Art include: Dreams about Mom

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