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A Spell For All – 14.8.3

– Angela can be transformed (BE), thanks to Shadowhunter9
– a small event that can happen when you first encounter Pamela, but will also happen later if you miss it, daytime only
– a small reminder in the early game of the notes in your phone when you first pickup Mr Beasley’s paper
– when using the taxi the game WILL NOT prevent you going somewhere without enough money to return, like reality
– there are events at the Mansion and Church allowing you to get back to town if you have no money/mana and do not know the tunnels. Call Mom is a common option, but only available if she is home or at work. Apprentice path Sir Ronald will help and Pamela will help. This is not comprehensive, if you try hard enough you can get trapped at the Mansion in the early game

– it was possible to lose the ability to charm Carol if you failed to charm her at the right moment. If this happens the option to have Kristin visit her opens up
– You could miss the option to have Kristin visit Carol if you were not forceful. In this case a SMS will be received giving another chance
– starting the Conspiracy path you could take a taxi and get stuck. The ghost now freaks out the taxi driver
– some changes to the construction road and hexagrams, and to the ‘you are here’ icon
– Fixes for the conference and Gabby, the Mayor option could be lost
– some fixes for Miss Logan

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