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A Spell For All – 14.8.2b

– fixes a bug for the porn magazines in your bedroom and adds a few more but no other changes over the 14.8.2 update recently posted.

– new theme from alucardnoir
– Repeat sex scenes for Sofia (office and limo)
– small fixes from the 14.8.1 including not being able to enscibe hexagram at the library, a couple of items duplicating and missing images. Also an issue for sex scenes with Mrs Robbins.
– When Tess and John are home, explained a bit more that Tess will not leave until you sort out John
– Endgame scenes for Legion and Kate if they leave Glenvale
– Endgame scene for Miss Logan if you breed her (as a male) with additional scene for Officer Smith
– Recharm Miss Logan
– Sightings of Aunt Brandi if you meet Kylie away from school
– Image revisions for Kate with different sets at home post Davy depending on her charm state
– Image revisions for Miss Logan and Mrs Tanika. Image and text changes, and a new Tess/Tanika scene
– 1/5 chance of seeing non-explicit images even when explicit images are selected to give more variety of images
– more hydromancy visions
– small image changes to depersonalise some images

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