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A New Home – 0.6.1

0.6.1 is a minor bugfix for save issues on Mac.

Fourth chapter added. There are now three paths to choose. Remember to save so you can try all three! Eventually, there’ll be enough game to complete all three paths in a single playthrough.
Switched to the webp image format, so the file size is nice and tiny.
Old saves probably won’t work. There are two saves here – They should appear on page 9 in your save folder. Slot 6 is a perfect save until the end of Day 3. Slot 5 is a semi good save that brings up some fun options.

I’m working on an Android version, but I thought I’d get this update out there before I dive into that.

Remember the donation page for any contributions you might want to make to my coffee fund!

Remember that I’m using this game as a learning project for both Ren’Py and Daz Studio. At some point I’ll go back and re-render the first few chapters, but that will be after the story is finished.
Also, I’m only uploading this game here, so no need to go hunting elsewhere!

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