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A New Dawn – 1.1.1

+ Added possibility to forget to feed hens and comb horses which will give you corruption points if you forget it twice.

+ Fixed master character didn’t go away at the slave path

+ Fixed first night sceen didn’t play behind the pub

+ Fixed so the game maps have the same ID as in the editor to prevent the player from being teleported to a random map.

+ Fixed night time starting early and made MP only removing after you’ve done with your work

+ Removed the condition check before you enter your landlords house (feed hen and comb horse conditions)

+ Fixed could not enter your landlords house after you’ve rescued Sophie

+ Fixed futa variable checked less than instead of bigger than when checking the corruption value (At the Futa elf scene)

+ Fixed innkeeper didn’t show up at correct spot after and before viewing Emma scene

+ Fixed missions to only occur during day time, also forcing the player to finish the quest before starting any work that day.

+ Fixed Blake’s progression being buggy because of the night time

+ Fixed bj skill variable you could miss scenes because of to high bj skill (Slave path)

+ A few minor fixes which I forgot to write down…

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