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Games FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions we get often in the comment section. This post will be updated in future.

How do I use Old save files in newer version of the game?

How do I update this game without dedicated Update file?

If the download section doesnt have seperated update files then you can do the following.

    • Download Current (latest) version.
    • Extract to desired location.
    • Get the save files from the older version.
      For Ren’py, The Save files is in <your game name>\game\saves

      Insexual Awakening Ren’Py Game’s save location.

      For RPG Maker games, the game’s save folder is probably the base folder of the game where the Game.exe is.

    • Simply copy those save files to the newer game’s exact location.
    • Sometime, your save will not work because of significiant change in the coding of newer version of the games. It is annoying but happens now and then with ongoing games.

RGSS202E.dll Missing/Can not find RPG VX RTP – How to Fix

This is a problem you may face while trying to run a game that is made on RPG Maker engine, shortly known as RPGM. You can easily fix this problem by downloading the RPG Maker runtime.

Why does it happen?

Developers of RPG Maker games often cut out some files to save space of ther ever updating games, helps decreasing the file size of games. those files are common files included in runtime. Similar to visual C++ runtime. However sometime the developers forget to instruct.

How to fix RPG VX RTP Error?

This is the first thing you must do if you play RPG Maker games often. Download and install RPG VX runtime package from below official source.

RPGM VX Runtime Package

This should fix the problem.

My problem is still not fixed. What to do?

Ok, if the “RGSS202E.dll Missing” problem still exists after installing the Runtime Package, then you can download the dll file from here.

RGSS202E.dll File Download

You have to put this file in System folder that is located within your game.

Hope this will fix your problem. Be

Having Trouble with Payshorturl? Here is the proper method to download games.

We always want to provide an easy access to contents. Unlike most other sites, We do not use annoying pop ups and shady ads, instead we have chosen a user friendly monetizing solution to sustain our server cost. We may not use it in future if we can reach our goal with the experimental Juicyad ads that we have recently implanted. So finger cross on that. But till then, you guys have to endure this little pain of going through PayShortUrl while downloading. We may also launch some ad free membership system in future. This post will help you if you are confused about this system though the process is relatively easy.

How to Bypass/go through PayShortUrl

Step 1: Click on the download link of any game. For example, we are using Milfy City. Scroll Down and click on any download link.
PayShortUrl Guide - Click On a Link

Step 2: All right, now you have landed in PayShortUrl page, if you are using an adblock extension, please whitelist this site, It doesnt have any popup or misleading harmful ads either. If you are using uBlock Origin, click on it’s icon from browser toolbar and click on big power icon. It will turn gray.

PayShortUrl Guide - Disable Adblock

Step 3: Disabled Adblock? good, reload the page (PayShortUrl Page, example). The page should look like below image.

PayShortUrl Guide - How to Go through PayShortUrl

First solve the captcha challenge. Then click on “Click here to continue” button.

Step 4: There will be a 5 second countdown. after it is done, click on Get Link green button.

Done! you will be redirected to the download page, for this example, you will be redirected to mega.co.ng site like below.

Additional tip: Use Mega app. it is easier to download via Mega app.

Here is a quick tutorial how to clear cookies of a particular site in Mozilla Firefox.

Visit to a Payshorturl link (Example: http://payshorturl.com/BZX55B), click on the info button (step 1), then click on the arrow (step 2).

Press on view cookies button (step 3) and then press on “remove all shown” button.

Close it and press CTRL+SHIFT+R to for a hard refresh. Hope this will work.

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