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New sponsor added... again

Hey guys (and gals, if there are any). Glad you stopped by -- sorry there haven't been any updates in a while. I've been busy with other stuff. For one, you can check out another site I've been working on called the Daily Sex Blog that has a bunch of great sex pics and a few movies to check out. I'll be updating both these sites soon, but I'm taking a break for the holidays... even a pimp needs a vacation here & there! :P

Anyway, I wanted to drop a note about a sweet new site sponsoring us that you have no reason not to try out. Smut Cams is free to sign up with just an email addy, so why not give it a whirl?!? (HEY! If you don't mind signing up using a credit card, you can get $20 in free credit too! Check out the link at the bottom of this post for the deal!) Just do it, you know you want to. Check it out: Hot babes set up web cams in their bedrooms and they hang out with guys on the 'Net and chat! It's crazy. They'll show off their assess and tits for you and chat about all sorts of stuff... one babe I saw last weekend was playing drinking games with guys watching. It's pretty fun (and hot.)

Check out a few of the chicks you can chat with:

Well, I think it's a pretty killer site so I figured I'd work with them to drop some ads around here. I signed up (dude, why not since it's free!) and I run around chatting with babes when I'm bored or looking for a quick flash of some booty.

As a special deal from these guys, they're letting me give you free $20 in credit to take these chicks into a live, private show! Now THAT is some sick shit there... you get the lady all to yourself and she'll do whatever you ask her to!! It's nuts. I've seen when two chicks are on the cam at once and they'll fuck each other however you ask them to. Awesome. Anyway, you can only get that free $20 bonus if you sign up using a valid credit card (instead of just an email addy) by clicking this link: Free $20 private chat time on Smut Cams! Take advantage of that, would ya??

Well, I gotta run again. I'll really work on getting a bunch of games posted once I'm back in '09. Happy New Year & I'll see you later!

--Game Pimp

Games coming online

Hey. Sorry about all the ads, but seriously, it's the only way to do all this for free to you. You ought to sign up to one of the programs by clicking a banner somewhere if you want to get some great porn and also help me out at the same time. There's even the 100% FREE signup for some great home sex cams that should just be a given for you if you want to support Red Light Arcade.

Anyway, enough begging. I plan on adding a new game every day or so for a while to get the content ramped up a bit. Keep coming back and please spread the link around to help get some activity around here. Thanks a ton for visiting! Enjoy.

New Game -- Dildo Play Time 2

Interactive masturbation video game This is a very simple new game (not really a game.. but an interactive sex/masturbation thing. This chick is hot (from what we can see of her, anyway) and it's pretty sweet getting to run a dildo in and out of her great pussy. Mmmmm... pretty sexy, I'd say.

If you want other games like this, they're starting to pile up in the Masturbation and Interactive Sex Games categories. There are more coming soon, so come back later for more goodies.

New game -- Masturbate With Julia

Masturbating Game with beautiful woman I've finally gotten the bulk of the site's back-end worked out just in time to introduce a fine new "back end"... Julia's! Yummy.

I've finished the first of what should be many interactive sex games where you'll be able to control a bit of the action in hot porn scenes! This first one (of my own creation, anyway) features the gorgeous babe Julia playing with herself.. with your help! Select the part of her luscious body you want her to rub and move your mouse around to help direct her hands. It's pretty hot, I think. Hopefully you do, too!

The main sponsor for this new game is the great new masturbation video, movie and photo site, Finger Alone. Go sign up for instant access to great masturbation porn at Finger Alone and help both of us -- you'll get your rocks off and we'll pay some bills!

Thanks for playing! Come back soon. Now that the bulk of the site work is done, I'll move on to adding a bunch of great adult video games for you. You're welcome. ;)

New site sponsors active

Finger Alone Masturbation ActionThanks a TON to those who sign up for cheap porn from our site!! Wheeee... naked chicks are great. :P

I've added some new features to the site that are sure to piss off a lot of people who just want to leech free shit from me. However, I'm working on paying the bills, so I've added a way to put up new sponsors on the site. I know it sucks to have more ads, but that's going to help us keep the games free! That's a fair trade, I think.

Today, I've added the Finger Alone fingering & masturbation site as a sponsor. The site is really hot, I think, so I don't mind having the ads up. Go sign up for an instant trial if you want some great porn and you'll also help fund our efforts.

Thanks again, to Finger Alone, and to all those who sign up over there.


Site updates

[update: Looks like things are fixed. Games should be working again.]

Sorry if games are broken for the next bit... I'm upgrading some things and adding advertisements -- helps to pay the bills, ya know! Don't yell at me for trying to pay my friggin' bills, eh??

Sorry for the trouble.. come back shortly. I'll post again when stuff is straightened out.

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Dildo Playtime 2

Dildo Playtime 2

Insert a big dildo into this gorgeous pussy. This is a pretty damn hot toy insertion game-thing where you move the dildo with your mouse.

Julia Masturbating

Julia Masturbating

Help Julia get her rocks off in this interactive masturbation game! Pick a spot to play with and use your mouse to move her hands.

Let's Splunk! Interactive Sex Game

Let's Splunk! Interactive Sex Game

An interactive sex game where you select the scenes you want to see. This is an interracial sex couple, if that gets you hot specifically. ;)

Hentai photo quiz

Hentai photo quiz

View a Hentai photo and answer some questions about it... get all the questions right to see some bonus photos & a video.

Havana Club's "Undress Me" game

Havana Club's "Undress Me" game

Catch bottles of "Havana Club" (some sort of alcohol?) in a barrel... game gets faster and reaching point levels will "undress" the chosen model.

Hentai Puzzle 4

Hentai Puzzle 4

This Hentai jigsaw puzzle game keeps getting better! This time, there are 10 Hentai picture puzzles ready to be solved. Great pics!

Hentai Puzzle 3

Hentai Puzzle 3

Simple Hentai jigsaw puzzle game... arrange the pieces of the photo to form the full Hentai picture. Seven different hentai puzzles to solve.

Hentai Puzzle 2

Hentai Puzzle 2

A pretty simple set of adult Hentai jigsaw puzzles. Drag the pieces to reconstruct the full picture to see the complete Hentai picture.


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